fuel management solutions

Easy-ID™ is a fast, secure and hands-free vehicle identification and data collection solution for fleet operations providing a superior and convenient alternative to cards, fobs, codes, etc. Computrol’s C6000 cardlock with Easy-ID™ option ensures the delivery of the right product to the right vehicle, reduces fueling time and minimizes fuel misuse, theft and spillage.

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Easy-ID™ is OTI PetroSmart’s scalable automated fuel management and payment solution aimed at ensuring that the right amount of the right type of fuel is dispensed into the right vehicle.

Wireless, cashless, cardless and paperless, Easy-ID™ is based on OTI’s state-of-the-art contactless smart card technology platform, providing customers with maximum flexibility and security.

Escalating fuel costs demand that customers introduce more stringent controls when refuelling at both on-road and home base locations.Easy-ID™ addresses the needs of the commercial market sector by enabling customers to control and manage the refuelling process against a customisable set of business rules, whilst automatically capturing transaction information, including odometer and/or engine operating hours.

The Easy-ID™ solution can also be leveraged to address the needs of private motorists by automating the refuelling process and serving as a platform to promote customer loyalty.

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